Many of the best brands in the world are beautifully simple; it’s their clarity and confidence that makes them so appealing.
Achieving this level of simplicity is notoriously hard, yet it’s the key to creating clear, strong ideas that set our clients apart.
To streamline the process we’ve divided our offer into three broad parts:

1. Clear thinking
When a brand has a solid conceptual foundation then everything that follows builds on that strength.

Clear thinking involves:

  • Developing a brand’s story
  • Undertaking customer analysis
  • Defining a brand’s architecture and positioning
  • Creating names and straplines
  • Clarifying tone of voice and key messages

2. Applied creativity
Design enables us to bring a brand to life visually and verbally in both print and pixels.

Applied creativity involves:

  • Developing an identity and identity system
  • Designing digital interfaces
  • Designing communications and marketing collateral
  • Providing appropriate design resources

3. Inspiring experiences
Every brand is an experience; the question is, what are the qualities of that experience? What does the brand feel like in the real world?

Creating inspiring experiences involves:

  • Mapping customer experiences
  • Designing environments
  • Supporting employee engagement