Mercer Worklife™

Zoo&Co worked with Mercer, the global consulting leader in talent, health and investment to create a name and brand identity for a new, innovative retirement product in North America.

In a category that traditionally targets established corporations and their long-term employees, Mercer identified a valuable growth market aimed at the small business owner. The primarily web based product represents an innovative, streamlined approach, designed to make retirement planning simple, quick and intuitive. Zoo&Co built the brand positioning, name and identity around a combination of product benefit and customer insight - we wanted to reflect the simplicity of the product and to convey to the customer their unique outlook of work and life, as one. We saw an opportunity to create a brand that celebrated the journey to retirement rather than focusing on the uncertainty and anxiety of the destination.

The name Worklife™ became a simple way to convey the motivation of both product and customer, set against a visual system that celebrates the day-to-day energy of the small business environment.