Mercer - When Women Thrive

Zoo&Co worked with Mercer, the global consulting leader in talent, health and investment, to develop the visual identity for their global gender diversity programme launching at the World Economic Forum.

Women continue to be underrepresented at most levels in the workforce despite two decades of organisational efforts to achieve gender diversity and equality. Mercer’s WWT global programme set out to show that when organizations fully engage women in the workplace, diversity thrives and better more successful businesses are created.

The issue of gender diversity and how it can be effected isn’t gender specific, so it was necessary that the identity created by Zoo&Co would communicate the importance of the issue without it being seen as a “women only” campaign.

The overall identity had to sit within the core Mercer identity system but be different enough to standout against Mercer’s other programmes and products. Zoo&Co created a visual identity that focuses on diversity and the energy needed to make it happen.