Girls With Impact

Zoo&Co have been working with Jennifer Openshaw the American entrepreneur, author and financial expert to build and develop the brand identity for Girls With Impact - a modern educational program and support network for girls aged 12-18.

Women are still paid less than their male counterparts and continue to be under-represented in high skill, high–wage jobs – from tech and engineering to the position of CEO. Although women start about 38% of all business in the U.S. they receive only 2-6 % of venture funding. Both of these market realities start at an early age in education, with only 15% of female students engaging in traditionally male, career and technical training programs.

The aim of Girls With Impact is ambitious but simple; to empower 50,000 girls by 2025, equipping each one with the tools, the know-how and support to become the first generation of women who will lead from the top and think nothing of creating a business or becoming the next CEO.

With the brand we wanted to connect in a dynamic and energizing way with a young female audience without feeling institutional. Zoo&Co will continue to work with Jennifer and the team in the U.S. to develop the creative direction of the brand